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I’m Lesley. I spend most of my time working on Newsletter Glue and looking for delicious things to eat (like 🍕). I’m also on Twitter a lot.

My favourite pizza toppings are tomato sauce, mozzarella, anchovies and basil.

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  • There are no unselfish reasons to have a baby.

    This past week, I visited two babies. Both mothers are old friends of mine, so it’s slightly surreal yet wonderful that they both have children now. Unsurprisingly, I was asked both times if I planned on having babies myself. Twice, I found it difficult to collect my thoughts and form a coherent answer. And so, […]

  • Some days are lazy days, and that’s okay.

    As the business owner of a fledgling business, there’s always a soul-crushing, existential-crisis-inducing amount of work to do. Because of this, many business owners feel a tremendous amount of guilt and pressure to work incredibly hard, non-stop. I don’t believe in this. Today is a Thursday. I didn’t do much work at all, and I […]