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My favourite pizza toppings are tomato sauce, mozzarella, anchovies and basil.

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  • I ran a 70-person remote town hall on Google Hangouts this week.

    Newsletter #37 On Friday, I hosted and ran a 70-person town hall. It was for a client with whom I’ve been working for years. We have a good relationship, and I do all sorts of things for them including their website, internal communications, hoodie designs and, as of this week, town halls. Thankfully, it was […]

  • Self-deprecation as a defense mechanism

    Newsletter #36 In the past month, three people independently told me I should stop being so damned self-deprecating. They’re referring to the way I speak and write about my work. Here’s an example. Yes, I see how this is a problem. Why am I so self-deprecating? Imposter syndrome is a part of it, but I […]

  • Went kayaking and strained my back

    Here’s a quickie for today because I spent the entire day kayaking, hurt my back, and am not in the mood to write anything long or particularly insightful right now. Don’t worry, I’m fine and just need a couple of days’ rest. So let’s get straight into this week’s updates! πŸ”₯ Highlights from this week […]

  • New level unlocked

    Newsletter #34 One of my goals for Newsletter Glue is getting experience While it’s true that people start from zero and build billion dollar companies in a decade, I think it’s unlikely I’ll join those lofty ranks. Instead, I’ve chosen to start small with a WordPress plugin, build my foundations and go from there. Rob […]

  • Avoidance stew

    Newsletter #33 Here’s how I make most decisions for the product I’m building: Open 37 tabs on a topic and obsessively read everything — On my first go, I generally read to learn the boundaries and considerations for a topic, not really to understand anything deeply at this point. Talk to people in Slack channels […]

  • Welcome to the tribe

    Newsletter #32 The first issue of one of my all-time favourite comics, Saga, ends with this: New comic series don’t have fans, they have families, small groups of diverse people who band together to help keep alive some weird thing that matters only to them. So to those of you who finished this issue and […]

  • We’ve just submitted our plugin

    Newsletter #31 Whew! The past 2 days have been intense. I generally don’t like to work very hard. And therefore, don’t. I typically work 3-6 hours every day, which is more than enough for me. But I’ve worked for 28 of the past 48 hours. And I’m exhausted. The reason for all that work is […]

  • A tiny amount of traction

    Newsletter #30 This week has been good to me. I’ve been getting some encouraging responses for Newsletter Glue. People are requesting invites on Twitter. And many who have installed and tried it have been genuinely enthusiastic about the plugin. We’re still in the early days, and success remains both fragile and fleeting… But I’m glad […]

  • Newsletter Glue closed beta

    Newsletter #29 Newsletter Glue, a plugin I’m building that lets you send posts to subscribers, has been in closed beta for the past week. Which means I’ve lived in a state of constant insecurity and anxiety for the past week. Out of the initial signups, 2 people tried it. From my first series of posts […]

  • Dread and a new format

    Newsletter #28 Looking at my posting cadence, it’s plain to see I haven’t kept up with my fortnightly schedule. In fact, it’s gone from bad to worse. I’ve come to a point where I dread writing this newsletter. Building my WordPress plugin is an exercise in vulnerability and anxiety – “will people like it?” “will […]