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I’m Lesley. I spend most of my time working onΒ Newsletter GlueΒ and looking for delicious things to eat (like πŸ•). I’m also on Twitter a lot.

My favourite pizza toppings are tomato sauce, mozzarella, anchovies and basil.

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  • I’ve been overthinking it.

    Newsletter #27 Hey there. You haven’t heard from me in awhile. But I’ve been thinking of you. Creepy jokes aside, I actually think about things to write for this newsletter on most days. Some ideas are quickly dismissed, others forgotten. This month, two ideas took root, and even made it as far as first drafts, […]

  • I began the quarantine with smug confidence. I’m not smug anymore.

    Newsletter #26 Life under lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t at all what I expected. Being stuck at home has felt like I’m slowly falling into a state of disrepair. Like an abandoned bicycle left in a forest. Over time, paint gives way to rust, tree roots ensnare metal spokes, and manufactured mineral makes its […]

  • Actually, maybe I WILL work for exposure…

    Newsletter #25 Waddup friend? Last week was really busy as dabao.directory became far more popular than I possibly expected. If you had a hand in it, thank you. You’re awesome. And I really appreciate your support! A friend of mine recently posted this on Facebook. Someone’s been going around asking his friends about working for […]

  • What I learnt from building a COVID-19 food directory in 4 days.

    Newsletter #24 Last week, I built dabao.directory. It’s a list of restaurants with COVID-19 special offers. So far, 1,687 people have used my app and I’ve manually amassed about 100 restaurant listings, ranging from hawkers stalls to fine dining. I also found out that my accountant had heard of and used dabao.directory prior to me […]

  • Good mistake/Bad mistake

    Newsletter #23 Howdy, friend! Here’s a small win I’d like to share: I’ve managed to workout every day since I started my COVID-19 streak. I hope you’ve been keeping healthy too. I want to introduce the concept of good mistakes and bad mistakes. This is a tool I use a lot when coaching frisbee, and […]

  • Push-ups, burpees and running during the quarantine

    Newsletter #22 Howdy friend. Here’s the first ever newsletter on consecutive weekends. In light of the quarantine and increased time spent at home, I thought I’d change up my publishing cadence a little. Instead of fortnightly, I’m going to write short newsletters every week and perhaps a longer one every month. Let’s see how this […]

  • What’s counter-pressure? And why it’s necessary.

    Newsletter #21 Counter-pressure is all about making sure competing interests are sufficiently represented. This lets great work happen. Let me break that down by giving you an example. A friend has been subject to excruciatingly long, pointless work meetings. Going by the counter-pressure principle, I believe the problem stems from the boss being in charge […]

  • Why I write this newsletter (plus celebrating a milestone)

    Newsletter #20 I’m really proud to have made it to #20. I first started this newsletter on 21 May 2019, nearly a year ago. I haven’t always published on time, but I’ve kept publishing, which I think is more important. In celebration of this milestone, I thought I’d write a few thoughts about my newsletter-writing […]

  • Learning the lay of the land

    Newsletter #19 Trying to learn something new is often intimidating and overwhelming. There’s a ton of new information coming at you and making sense of it all feels impossible. Because of this, your ability to quickly get the lay of the land can be a game changer.  Wait, what exactly is the lay of the land, […]

  • Keep showing up

    Newsletter #18 My last newsletter was a month ago. I don’t have a reason for not writing it, I just didn’t feel like it. To be honest, I don’t feel like writing this one either. But that’s precisely why I’m doing so.  Shit gets tough. Life happens. And the number of things I need to do is starting to […]