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My favourite pizza toppings are tomato sauce, mozzarella, anchovies and basil.

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  • Let’s talk about self-talk

    Newsletter #17 I’ve been learning about self-talk recently. That is, the inner narrative that explains, encourages and rationalises our behaviour, decisions and life events. Self-talk is incredibly powerful because it both surfaces and reenforces our world view, beliefs and ideals. Once I started paying attention, it was easier than expected to make out what people say about and […]

  • Thinking of life hacks as tools, not habits.

    Newsletter #16 Over the years, I’ve started and stopped many different life and productivity hacks. From waking up early to exercise, not using my phone before sleeping,¬†meditating, becoming vegetarian and¬†more..¬† At first, I used to feel guilty about trying, but not sticking, to most of them. But I don’t anymore. These days, I’ve come to […]

  • When “nice” doesn’t cut it

    Newsletter #15 When I started work and playing frisbee in Singapore, I realised everyone was nice. More importantly, I realised I wasn’t. And that was a problem. I couldn’t relate to most people, and they often thought I was bossy, intimidating, overbearing and simply too much. I realised that if I wanted to work and play better […]

  • 19 things I did in 2019

    Newsletter #14 This year was a busy one, here are 19 reasons why.¬† I rate each thing I did based on 3 factors:Fun: How much fun I had doing it.Rewarding:¬†How much I got¬†out of it.Pride:¬†How proud I am of doing it.¬† Joined or created over 15 Slack groups¬†– This year, Slack became an integral part […]

  • Freediving Is Mindblowing

    Newsletter #13 You might not believe me but you are, right now as you read this, already physically capable of holding your breath for 3 minutes. This is true even if you smoke. What’s holding you back is your mind. Don’t believe me? Try holding your breath right now. Soon after you start holding your […]

  • Dungeons, Dragons, And A Pirate Gnome Named Pim

    Newsletter #12 In the game, I’m¬†a Gnome Beastmaster Ranger who also happens to be a pyromanic, named Pim.¬† But let’s take a step back, and talk about what Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) actually¬†is. DnD is a make believe roleplaying¬†fantasy game. You and your friends pick characters, then go on quests together. There’s also the dungeon […]

  • Putting My Phone Away

    Newsletter #11 One of the nicest things about climbing is that my phone is in my bag and completely away from me the entire time.¬† This week was different. I had my phone next to me for part of the climbing session because I was waiting for a message. As you might expect, climbing with […]

  • Help! I’m burnt out!

    Newsletter #10 Three newsletters ago, I wrote about parting ways with a big client and freeing up a large chunk of time as a result. By that point, I had been feeling burnt out for awhile¬†and relished the thought of a break. Rather than completely veg-ing out, I optimised my time around¬†new leisure and¬†work¬†activities, and […]

  • Why I coach

    Newsletter #9 This post is dedicated to Sze Shen who asked me this question on the way home from our world’s kickoff meeting. I hope I do your question justice.¬† Let me begin with what frisbee has given me Playing the sport has taught me much, but it’s the people in it that have taught […]

  • You’re probably addicted to outrage porn

    Newsletter #8 Yes, I made this term up.¬† Now, let¬†me explain what I mean by it: Outrage porn is indulging in what Buzzfeed would classify as something you love to hate.¬†It’s that nasty thing you knowingly feed on that leads you down an outrage spiral – Trump’s tweets are a great example of this. Oftentimes, […]