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My favourite pizza toppings are tomato sauce, mozzarella, anchovies and basil.

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  • I parted ways with a big client this week… Now, what’s next?

    Newsletter #7 It happens. Things in the company had been stuck for awhile, and I wasn’t in an area of the organisation that could help unstick it. As a result, there wasn’t much work for me to do, and it became time to move on.  This past year has been intense, and that’s made me a little lax on the […]

  • Riding my new onewheel

    Newsletter #6 It’s official, I’ve joined the illustrious ranks of Deliveroo riders, techno-blasting ah bengs and trinket-hoarding uncles. With my recent Onewheel Pint purchase, I’ve now become a self-described Pavement Pest, also know in long form as: Pesky People Using An Electronic Vehicle On The Pavement. The Onewheel Pint falls within the genre of electronic skateboards. You stand perpendicular […]

  • I asked the people I work with 6 questions about value

    Newsletter #5 Doing valuable work is a big thing for me. I hate doing work for the sake of it, and “because it pays the bills” or “because my boss asked me to” have never been good enough reasons for me. I wanted to similarly align everyone I work with around the idea of value. So, […]

  • Resetting work boundaries

    Newsletter #4 I’ve been working 12-hour days since the start of the year and I’m exhausted. (This isn’t a humble brag about my hustle. I honestly think it’s more gangster to boast about how little I work, than how much.) Because I had less work last year, I had more time to devote to self improvement and implemented […]

  • I’m selling my backpack on Carousell for $0.

    Newsletter #3 I bought a new backpack last week, and wanted to get rid of my old one. I didn’t want to dump it as it still has some years of use left in it. Instead, I decided to give it away, and listed it on Carousell for $0.  I knew giving away a 3 year […]

  • My toilet kept choking. I found out why.

    Newsletter #2 In the past year, my toilet’s gotten choked every few months. At first I felt guilty. I thought it was my fault, maybe something fell in ages ago? I dunno! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Plumber #1 came to the rescue about 3 months ago. He managed to unclog it using pressure, but he couldn’t find the source of […]

  • Why does HBO Go Suck?

    Hey there,You’re reading the very first edition of my newsletter. Thank you for being here.  Over time, I’ll be exploring different ways to make this newsletter more fun, informative and easy to read. So if any ideas pop into your head about how I can improve, please feel free to share them. Alright, let’s go! Why […]

  • Newsletter #0

    Welcome to newsletter #0. This is my very first newsletter, but I’m excited to write more. Newsletters are usually emails delivered to your inbox, but I chose to write this first one as a blog post. This way, you can get a taste for my newsletter before you subscribe. Hence, Newsletter #0! Oh yeah, I […]

  • There are no unselfish reasons to have a baby.

    This past week, I visited two babies. Both mothers are old friends of mine, so it’s slightly surreal yet wonderful that they both have children now. Unsurprisingly, I was asked both times if I planned on having babies myself. Twice, I found it difficult to collect my thoughts and form a coherent answer. And so, […]

  • Some days are lazy days, and that’s okay.

    As the business owner of a fledgling business, there’s always a soul-crushing, existential-crisis-inducing amount of work to do. Because of this, many business owners feel a tremendous amount of guilt and pressure to work incredibly hard, non-stop. I don’t believe in this. Today is a Thursday. I didn’t do much work at all, and I […]