Remote Work Tools

I’ve worked remotely since 2016. Here are some of the tools I use daily and love.

If you need help with your remote set up, feel free to get in touch. I genuinely enjoy discussing this stuff.


Notion – Easily my favourite software. Write documents, build wikis, manage to-do lists and kanban boards. Everything works intuitively. [Note: I get referrer credits if you sign up with this link]

Slack – The chat app you’re obliged to use in 2020. Don’t love it, but it works. The highlight for me is being a part of many Slack communities. My favourites are Radreads and MegaMaker.

Upwork – It feels weird to add this here, but I’ve spent about USD30k on the platform over a handful of years, and have gotten the opportunity to work with many amazing people (2 of whom I’ve even met in real life!). I’ve made my living by outsourcing to and managing freelancers on Upwork. Maybe one day I’ll write a guide on this…


Macbook Pro 13″ 2019 edition – Was nervous about upgrading my 2014 Macbook Air to this. But I actually love it.

Omnidesk Pro – Bought this electronic standing desk second hand on Carousell. Love this desk. New ones seem surprisingly expensive though. Pro tip: Also get the Atlas anti-fatigue mat, it’s a game-changer.

Acer H277HU 27″ Monitor – Bought this USB-C monitor specifically so that I can charge my laptop and have a big display at the same time. The convenience is amazing.

MK850 Logitech Mouse and Keyboard Combo – Actually really enjoy this combo. No complaints so far. Clickety clack!

Sony A6500 camera – The first prosumer camera I’ve ever bought. Have used it for both photos and videos. My only complaint is that the camera stops recording video after 30mins. My favourite lens is a Sony 18-200mm (I have an older version of this).